BasicGov is a comprehensive operations management platform. It enables state and local governments to automate, streamline, and innovate regulatory and business processes across a variety of public services. BasicGov’s primary focus is the development of products and solutions that empower government to efficiently serve. We deliver this product through an expanding network of professionally trained and certified integrators, who, can put people on the ground to support your staff through a transformational process that will empower your team.

State E-Licensing
Facilitate growth, protect community, and foster transparency across a variety of state regulated industries, business, and professionals.
State E-Permitting
Ensure public safety and legal compliance is met for state regulated facilities and equipment.
Local Community Development
Improve contractor and citizen experience throughout planning, permitting, inspections, enforcement, and compliance processes.
Local Business Licensing
Improve relationships with local business by creating more efficient registration and renewal processes.

Our innovative team of industry experts have developed a suite of applications designed specifically for government utilizing the powerful industry standard Force.com cloud computing platform. BasicGov is the only comprehensive, true cloud solution on the Salesforce platform which offers unmatched performance, scalability and extensibility to give users complete flexibility to innovate operations as business and legal requirements change and grow. The advanced platform security and reliability features give our customers complete peace of mind that their data is safe and readily accessible.

BasicGov is a proven, low-risk cloud solution that requires no upfront capital investment and is quick to implement for a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

BasicGov Tools to Achieve Your Specific Needs

To deliver product in each of the functional areas defined above, we have developed a specific set of tools on the world’s leading cloud platform. Our tools are designed to work together in different combinations to give your agency the specific functionality you need.

How We Help You Efficiently Serve

Implements an innovative global platform to modernize operations, reduce costs, mobilize workers and improve communication services through automation.  

Automates and streamlines processes to improve agency performance, productivity and delivery of services around the clock using automation.

Enables access to accurate, reliable information anytime, anywhere and enables better information sharing and collaboration across departments and agencies.

Ensures availability of data and business functionality during natural disasters, power failures or other crises to minimize downtime and productivity loss.

Better sharing of information and improves communication to facilitate citizen and business engagement and establish a more open, accountable government.