Salesforce Platform

The BasicGov commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution is hosted on the Salesforce Force.com cloud platform, and features all the elements needed to deliver government cloud applications with the Salesforce portal and Salesforce platform as the underlying infrastructure.

Salesforce is the enterprise cloud computing leader dedicated to helping companies and government agencies transform into connected organizations through social and mobile technologies. The company’s trusted cloud platform is creating a connected government experience for over 1,000 government agencies including all federal cabinet government agencies and the majority of US States.

With the world’s leading cloud platform, BasicGov is freeing government data from legacy systems, empowering citizens and connecting agencies to administer government in powerful new ways.

This paper further explains the technology that makes the Force.com platform fast, scalable, and secure for any type of application.

Salesforce Advantage

The Salesforce service has been designed to provide customers with 100% trusted privacy with the highest levels of performance, reliability, and security. Salesforce has built, and continues to invest in a comprehensive security infrastructure, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption for transmissions over the Internet, which Salesforce monitors and tests on a regular basis. Salesforce built and maintains a multi-tenant application architecture that has been designed to enable the Salesforce service to scale securely, reliably and cost-effectively. The Salesforce multi-tenant application architecture maintains the integrity and separation of customer data while still permitting all customers to use the same application functionality simultaneously.


Salesforce was named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Forbes for the last seven years in a row. Salesforce is #1 in Enterprise Cloud Computing and #1 in CRM according to IDC. Salesforce ranks as the Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for “CRM Customer Engagement Centers” (SaaS), “Sales Force Automation” (SaaS), and “Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service” (PaaS). Over 150,000 customers have successfully transformed their operations including over 1000 government agencies, representing all federal cabinet level agencies and the majority of the United States. Customers will receive three complimentary, seamless, and automatic major release upgrades per year with no impact to the Customer’s solution implementations, including workflow, integrations, reporting or customizations.


The Salesforce Platform offers a core set of technologies that not only power the Salesforce SaaS products like BasicGov, but will also allow our customers to build custom apps, connect data from any system, and manage it from anywhere. The Salesforce Platform allows customers to build apps fast with just a few clicks, designed for desktop and mobile devices, all from a single canvas.

Salesforce applications like BasicGov are mobile-enabled out of the box (no coding required) and can be accessed from any mobile device, anywhere, at any time. Customers are able to provide mobile access to any/all applications and data that reside on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce has designed its solutions to be intuitive and easy to use. Salesforce solutions contain many tools and features recognizable to users of popular consumer web services, so users are more familiar with the user interface than typical enterprise apps. As a result, users can often use and gain benefit from their solutions with minimal training. With Salesforce Trailhead everyone can learn Salesforce. Whether you are an admin, user or developer, there is a free learning trail for you..

Collaboration is critical to organizational effectiveness and productivity. Salesforce provides numerous standard collaboration capabilities that are embedded into the fabric of how users work within the system with a complete record of activity..

Salesforce/BasicGov customers and third-party developers can develop apps rapidly because of the ease of use and the benefits of a multi-tenant platform. Salesforce provides the capability for business users to easily customize Salesforce applications to suit their specific needs, and also a variety of programming language support so developers can code complex apps spanning multiple business processes and deliver them to multiple mobile devices.


The Salesforce service can be deployed rapidly since customers do not have to spend time procuring, installing or maintaining the servers, storage, networking equipment, security products, or other infrastructure hardware and software necessary. Salesforce’s trusted cloud platform allows customers to deploy applications that achieve a 59% accelerated time to value, implementing solutions in weeks and months vs. months or years, compared to on-premise system implementations (according to IDC)..

IT professionals are able to integrate and configure our solutions with existing applications quickly and seamlessly. Salesforce provides a set of application programming interfaces (“APIs”) that enable customers and independent software developers to both integrate our solution with existing third-party, custom, and legacy apps and write their own application services that integrate with our solutions.

Salesforce enables customers to achieve significant up-front savings relative to the traditional enterprise software model. Customers benefit from the predictability of their future costs since they generally pay for the service on a per subscriber basis for the term of the subscription contract. Because Salesforce deploys all upgrades on Salesforce servers, new features and functionality automatically become part of the Salesforce service (on the upgrade release date) and therefore benefit all Salesforce customers immediately.

Developed over 10 years ago, the Salesforce AppExchange is a community of over 3,200 pre-built enterprise cloud computing solutions that are integrated with Salesforce’s SaaS/PaaS solutions and developed on the Salesforce Platform – to date these solutions have been utilized more than 4 million times by our customer community. Customers can create a secure, customized, branded application store location to host customized apps and distribute apps across users. And what is truly unique to Salesforce is that any application built on the Salesforce Platform can be reused and can also be utilized in a Private AppExchange. This allows CIOs to foster reuse of applications and drive down development costs.