Letters Engine

The BasicGov Letters Engine is the document generation tool that provides all physical correspondence (Word, PDF, etc) required in the delivery of a state and local permitting and licensing solution.



   Key Features and Capabilities
  • The Letters Engine incorporates data from the BasicGov database and converts the data into viewable, printable certificates, letters, licenses, inspection reports, and other documents required by an agency or issuing authority.
  • The documents are based on your templates and, once in the system, they can be modified and updated with ease as internal requirements change due to regulatory or political changes.
  • The Letters Engine supports manual or automated generation of letters.
  • Letters can be generated one at a time (i.e. inspection report), in a scheduled batch mode (i.e.massive licensing renewal), as well as other specialized letter merge functionality.

For experienced Salesforce integrators:

  • The Letters Engine functionality is similar to CongaMerge and DrawLoop; however, it is pre-integrated as a product with our core modules (i.e. violation letters for Code Enforcement) and other tools like receipts for payment processes.

Our Letters Engine can also be sold as a standalone product from the rest of the BasicGov solution but only to certified integrators at highly competitive pricing for non-BasicGov projects.