BasicGov’s comprehensive operations management empowers your agency to improve its citizen and business experience throughout the application, review, issuance, renewal, and compliance processes for state-level regulatory permitting needs in the areas of equipment and facilities.

Our solution is designed to encourage seamless and efficient transitions between applicants and staff in key areas of workflow, revenue collection, document sharing, and compliance. Our cloud offering is flexible and can be applied across a variety of state e-permitting and regulatory compliance agencies.

Our E-Permitting solution is typically used, though not limited to, the following agencies: Housing, Public Safety, Labour, and Insurance.

Professional & Occupational Licensing
Improve customer satisfaction and grow revenue through more efficient internal processes.
Alcohol & Beverage Control
Make all areas more efficient while providing transparency and visibility into a dynamic industry.

How We Help You Efficiently Serve

Implements an innovative global platform to modernize operations, reduce costs, mobilize workers, and improve communication services through automation.  

Automates and streamlines processes to improve agency performance, productivity, and delivery of services around the clock using automation.

Enables access to accurate, reliable information anytime, anywhere, and creates better info sharing and collaboration across departments and agencies.

Ensures availability of data and business functionality during natural disasters, power failures, or other crises to minimize downtime and productivity loss.

Better sharing of information and improves communication to facilitate citizen and business engagement and establish a more open, accountable government.


  • Makes configuration and reporting tools business-user-friendly.
  • Mobile ready platform with world class built in collaboration tools.
  • Automates scheduling based on key events and applications.
  • Records and tracks applicant communications.
  • Presents daily reconciliation of all funds in minutes.
  • Utilizes world leading, open cloud platform.
  • Chooses from a global pool of integrators and technology resources.
  • Simplifies analysis of applicant performance and deadlines through dashboard reports.
  • Improves overall citizen and employee job satisfaction with government.
  • Delivers accurate, daily, financial reconciliation information.
  • Gives clear understanding of application status via a 24/7 portal.
  • Improves levels of service and communication from government.
  • Displays real time information regarding status of application and compliance issues.
  • Improves confidence in government.