Dynamic Rules Engine

The Dynamic Rules Engine (DRE) was specifically designed to provide process automation in a business user friendly format without code or custom System Integrator approaches. It is the center of the BasicGov Solution.

At the highest level, the DRE is a process automation engine that runs entirely on Salesforce and combines the best features of Salesforce Workflow, Salesforce Process Builder, and Salesforce Triggers into a business friendly interface that ensures agency users can manage and operate their solution without the need for Salesforce developers.

The DRE 2.0 provides:

  • Non-technical users the ability to create rules to modify records, generate letters, send an email, generate fees, and schedule batches all from a central hub (called a global table) without needing to learn the whole platform.
  • Experienced integrators the ability to have significant savings and time in the areas of maintenance and support of our projects.

Some features available in DRE 2.0 that are not available in Workflow and Process Builder include but are not limited to:

  • Limiting rules to run once
  • Reporting on rules
  • Business day/hour calculations
  • Duplicate check on record inserts
  • Filter on child records
  • Rule ordering
  • Filter on all related objects
  • Prevent duplicate new outcome records
  • Additional rollup fields beyond the 10 SF limit
  • Bulk changes to a batch set of records.

The DRE solution can also be used as a standalone from the rest of the BasicGov solution.